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Cosco Mighty Fit 65 Dx Convertible Car Seat Reviews

by Yaseen Khalid


Cosco Mighty Fit 65 Dx convertible seat is compatible with kids up to 65 lbs and can also be used in airplanes and rental cars. The car seat’s dimensions, just 17″ by 23.5″, make it an option for travelers who need seats that take up less leg room.
It’s a lightweight carrier that provides the same protection as cumbersome car seats. The harness can be adjusted up to 5 slots and has three buckles for a secure fit. Plus, it has side-impact protection for your child.
If you are particularly bothered by your child being too short, or if you need a cup holder, you may want to look at the Safety 1st Guide 65.
Mighty Fit 65 is both a rear-facing and forward-facing seat that can hold children from 5lbs to 65lbs. It is FAA approved, but keep in mind that most car seats are also safe for airplanes.
This child car seat is comfortable, adjustable, and offers the widest width for your growing child.
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Cosco Mighty Fit 65 shortcomings

Some people may think car seats are all the same, but in reality there are expensive car seats with flaws that should not be ignored. I was surprised by how well received this cheap Cosco car seat was, because it’s not terrible.

It doesn’t have a latch system from the get go, which can make installation a little difficult. But once you get used to the process, installation becomes easy. You won’t be able to get it wrong thanks to the safety latch system.

Sadly, you need to do some manual labour to mount the Cosco Mighty Fit 65.

Straps refuse to untangle, requiring longer periods of time to get my kid strapped in. Every time.

Unless you go DIY, levelling your rear-facing seat is difficult. You’ll need a towel or pool noodle to make the car seat more level.

These items are a minor inconvenience and come with daily wear and tear. Besides that, they’re safe and comfortable.

If you find these to be a deal breaker, then you will have to upgrade to a higher tier.

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